Kaius Häggblom

Kaius leads the team developing and maintaining the Qvarn Platform. He has a strong interest in open source software, data privacy and cyber security.

Over the past 20 years Kaius has held a variety of CEO and CTO positions, with a focus on providing remote monitoring services on a global scale. He has also had a long military career in the Finnish Defence Force.

Lars Wirzenius

Lars is the chief architect of the Qvarn Platform. He has been developing free and open source software for 30 years and is a renowned expert in the Linux environment, with a particular focus on the Debian distribution.

Lars works at all levels of software development – from writing code to designing system architecture.

Ivan Dolgov

Ivan is a systems architect for the Qvarn Platform. His background lies in developing and delivering software products and services for facility security, remote monitoring, asset management, telemetry and mobile health.

Ivan has been a Linux and open source enthusiast since the year 2000, working with all major Linux and Unix derivatives as well as with custom-built environments.

Vincent Sanders

Vince is a programmer for the Qvarn platform. He has been a software developer for over 25 years with contributions to many open source projects including the Linux kernel and Debian distributions.

Ville Niskala

Ville is a systems architect for the Qvarn Platform. A Linux enthusiast for some 15 years, Ville has significant experience in developing software for remote monitoring and identity management.