About Qvarn

The Qvarn Platform is award-winning, free and open-source software for securely managing information of a personal or sensitive nature. This includes medical records, research findings, elderly care data, employee digital identities, and more. The platform — which currently houses identity information for close to one million individuals across the Nordic and Baltic region — is designed primarily for use by the public sector, educational institutions and small-to-medium sized enterprises.

In May 2016, the Qvarn Platform was awarded the prize for "Best Approach on Improving Governance and Mitigating Risks" at the European Identity & Cloud Awards 2016 in Munich. This top industry award recognized Qvarn for "successfully reducing risk, adding business value and delighting users."

Technical Description

Qvarn stores structured data and provides secure, controlled access to it. A gross simplification would be that Qvarn is a database, accessed over a RESTful HTTP API, with a good authentication and authorization system.

Qvarn deals with data in JSON form and is used by applications via an HTTP API, with access control using OpenID Connect and OAuth2. Various authentication methods, including strong ones, are provided by Gluu and these can be added and adapted for local needs.

The resource types Qvarn knows about are configurable, making Qvarn suitable to various application domains. Applications may be written in any language, using any framework, as long as they can use HTTP over TLS.