12 May 2016

Qvarn Platform wins top industry prize

QvarnLabs CEO Kaius Häggblom (centre) received the award from KuppingerCole communications head Jennifer Haas (left) and analyst Paul Simmonds (right)

The free and open source Qvarn Platform has been awarded the prize for “Best Approach on Improving Governance and Mitigating Risks” at the European Identity & Cloud Awards 2016.

Organized each year by industry-leading analyst firm KuppingerCole, the awards event honours outstanding projects and initiatives in Identity & Access Management, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance, and Cloud Security.

In presenting the award to the Qvarn team, KupperingCole analyst Paul Simmonds said: “In any identity, entitlement and access management solution, the entitlement piece is critical. Implementing this along with an effective governance process reduces risk, adds business value and means happy users who see a solution that works just as it should. So it gives me great pleasure to be able to recognise a project that has successfully delivered such an outcome.”

Qvarn was developed on behalf of the construction industry federations of Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States to securely provision, distribute and manage the professional digital identities of construction workers – many of whom regularly move across borders.

In use since October 2015, today Qvarn houses the professional data of close to one million workers. In this way the platform is key to combatting the grey economy in the building sector and thereby ensuring higher quality and safety standards.

“It’s with great honour that I accept this award on behalf of my team,” said QvarnLabs CEO, Kaius Häggblom. “I especially want to thank Mike Schwartz, the founder and CEO of Gluu, and the team from cybersecurity firm Nixu Corporation in Finland for making all of this possible.”

With strong privacy features designed to meet the requirements of EU data compliance regulation, Qvarn is ideal for any organization that needs to manage a secure register of employee data. The platform is free and open source software with integrated access management features based on only open and standard protocols.

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